Why do I need DOT Brand?

The reasons why you should create your DOT BRAND Top-Level Domain are the followings:

It's a powerful marketing tool

  • DOT Brand creates a single location that unifies your websites, which allows you to precisely mirror your brand architecture, e.g. a house of brands.
  • It consists of the most intuitive Internet address, which eases identification for your customers and for search engines, and creates a higher brand experience.
  • No more availability problem, since all domains become available to you.
DOT Brand Marketing Tool - Domgate

It brings security

  • DOT Brand creates a secure online ecosystem free from problems of infringement that typically occur.
  • It erases completely consumer confusion.
  • You totally control your online presence in respect of agents, distributors and other related entities.
DOT Brand Security - Domgate

It constitutes a valuable asset

  • You acquire the most valuable asset on the Internet for your brand.
DOT Brand Asset - Domgate

It provides a good legal protection

  • You have the guarantee to secure your trademark as DOT BRAND before any third parties register it and impedes you from obtaining it.
DOT Brand Legal Protection - Domgate
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