Cease and Desist Orders - Domgate

Cease and desist letters sent to domain name holder

Website Takedown - Domgate

Website takedown (trademark or copyright)

Negotiation Services - Domgate

Negotiations to find an amicable settlement

Resolución de conflicto alternativa

Procedimientos presentados ante los órganos de arbitraje (UDRP, URS), que incluyen:

Success Likelihood Test - Domgate 1

Study the likelihood of success

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Dispute Documents - Domgate 2

Prepare all the documents

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Legal Grounds - Domgate 3

Draft the legal grounds

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Complaint Form - Domgate 4

File the complaint

Dispute Proceeding - Domgate 5

Follow up of the proceeding

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Dispute Resolution - Domain Transfer - Domgate 6

Transfer the domain name

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